Refugee Resettlement

The Refugee Resettlement Program helps newly arrived refugees from all over the world begin a new life here in Erie, PA.

Our CCCAS staff members, most of whom are former refugees themselves, provide compassion and understanding to people who are happy to be here but concerned about starting over in a new place. Our program provides case management services, employment services and language/orientation services to help refugees adjust to life in the United States and to become economically and emotionally self-sufficient.


Refugee Support Services is a long-term program that provides ongoing services. Refugees are eligible to receive these services for up to five years.


As crises occur around the world, we continue to provide special services to affected populations. We keep abreast of needed program changes based on global events.

Reception & Placement

A refugee is any individual who has fled their country of origin and meets the criteria for what the United Nations describes as "a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion".

A resettlement agency is a non-profit organization that cooperates with the United States government in a public-private partnership to assist refugees. CCCAS delivers services to our new neighbors to help them start their new life in the United States. Our Refugee Resettlement Program serves as a local resettlement agency for United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

What We Do

  • Legal Services
  • ELS Classes (English Second Language)
  • Airport Reception / Hot Meal
  • Housing - including initial apartment supplies and furniture
  • Initial financial assistance
  • Orientation classes - cultural orientation and orientation to Erie, PA
  • Case Management services
  • Initial interpretation / translation assistance
  • Employment assistance
  • Initial medical appointment assistance
  • Referrals to other social service agencies